13 May 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Tantalizing Tuareg "Tea for Two"


  1. That looks like fun! What does the tea taste like? In the last picture it is so interesting to see two little blonde girls!

    My lil sister is blonde and she has blue eyes. So anywhere that she goes (in Peru) everyone wants to touch her hair! She doesn't like it sometimes tho! They also call her a baby doll. Without fail she responds, "I am NOT a baby doll! I am 'Manda!" lol Does that ever happen to your girls?

    Thanks for posting! Loved the pics.

    Smiling for Jesus,

    Sarah Beth
    "The Other Side"

  2. Just a very, very strong tea - the first time around. Then subsequent batches get weaker.

    Our girls were fascinated watching the process. They usually aren't up and about late enough at night when the guards in town start making their tea. Their daddy will drink it with the guys sometimes, but then he's up most of the night because of the caffeine.

    All of our kids, when they were young, had light hair, blue eyes. They are pretty tolerant with people who mess with their hair, and just accept it as part of life here, but then again, most of them haven't really known anything very different. The older one in the picture often comes home from school without her pony tail holders and hair clips as her friends have taken them out to play with her hair.

    Glad you enjoyed the photos. :D


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