30 May 2008

Swim Meets and Water Polo Games

As she has the past few years, Richelle taught a swimming/water polo unit to the students of Sahel Academy. At the end, they celebrated with some "competition time." Several parents came out to cheer on their kids, and frozen Koolaide popsicles were a nice treat afterwards on such a hot day. Enjoy all the pictures from an afternoon at Niger's "Piscine Olympique d'Etat!"


  1. Hello , In the 80 s I grew up blocks away from terminus Hotel i was going to the Judo place
    I went to the school behind the Terminus
    in the 90 s i went back to the Terminus a few times and now from my new yOrk city bedroom i could see the Terminus
    I see changes
    But thanks you for those photos
    http://www.niger1.com \

  2. How neat that you're a great swimmer! You must have been amused by my swim-freak-out posts. :)


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