27 May 2008

A Weekend of Firsts!

Last weekend was a busy one - but in a good way! It was a weekend of firsts.

1) Jonathan was invited to his very first birthday party - with a bunch of other little 3 and 4 year olds (I think it was one brave mama...!).

2) Anna went to a spend the night birthday party, for the first time - BY HERSELF! In other words, neither of her two big sisters were with her. That is a huge step for our most timid child. She cried just a few minutes when I dropped her off (she said she was nervous), but once she started playing with all of her friends, she had a blast!

3) Brendan played his flute with the Sahel "orchestra" as accompaniment to the congregational singing for the first time. It is exciting to see him begin using his gifts and talents to serve the Lord.

4) We have our first 11 year old female in this family. Rebekah Joy turned 11 on Sunday. We celebrated her birthday eating brochettes and fries at one of our favorite restaurants with another family (Rebekah's choice). And the meal was topped off with a yummy cake (from a mix that Grandma Betty sent - which was much appreciated, as it is hard to get motivated to cook from scratch with the present heat indexes), and several birthday gifts.

Now, we just need another weekend to catch up on our rest from the previous one!

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