22 May 2008

Safely Home

I recently finished reading a book that has definitely entered my "favorites" club. Here is a little excerpt...

"Is it hard for you to trust a God who makes his servants suffer?" he asked.

"Zhu Yesu is a ferocious lion. His claws are sharp. The fact that the Lion became the sacrificial lamb does not mean that he ceases to be the Lion. He is not a tame lion, Ben. His ways are above ours. The gods of our imagination never surprise us. Yesu does. For he is far greater than what we imagine -- that is why he can fill the hole our man-made gods cannot."

"The lion on your table -- it is a symbol of Yesu?"

"You are figuring out many things. My American roommate is not so dumb as he looks. Only kidding! The lion is a common Chinese figure, so the PSB does not know that when we look at the lion, we think of him. The lion's hand is upon a ball. That ball is the earth. The world is in the Lion's paw. Not even the dragon can take it from him."

"But if he's a lion, how do you know he won't ... eat you?"

Quan thought for a moment. "I would rather be eaten by him than be fed by anyone else."

After reading Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn myself, I began to read it aloud to Brendan, Rebekah Joy and Nadia. We hope to continue this over the summer... I'm also looking forward to the discussions I'm sure will come as a result...

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