11 May 2008

Update on Earlier Prayer Request

Thank you for your prayers for our friends. We've seen God's hand working in their situation, but know they would continue to appreciate your prayers.

As of yesterday, part of the family was still in Ghana. The young girl's eye problems seem to be straightening themselves out, but she has gotten sick with something else and is not in a good condition to travel, so she and her mother are waiting for her to get a bit stronger before returning to Niamey.

Father and son (who was in the accident) ended up evacuated to Europe, where they are still waiting to see if surgery will be needed to make sure his collar bone heals properly.

And their youngest boy is still here in Niamey, staying with his grandparents - but all this upset to his normal life has been a bit traumatic for him, too.

Keep on prayin'!

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