18 May 2008

Another One of those "Little Things..."

Brendan and I went grocery shopping yesterday - and splurged just a little bit. Look what we found - on sale (meaning $4/box instead of $10...)

We bought two boxes and we finished them this morning for breakfast. We don't often buy cereal here - good stuff (like above) is horribly expensive and the brands we can afford to buy on a regular basis either turn to mush immediately in milk or the kids just don't like them. So we eat oatmeal, breakfast breads, toast and peanut butter, shortcake and milk, yogurt. omelets... So a box of cereal for breakfast is a huge "special" treat!

What made it even more wonderful, at least for me? The type we found had all sorts of dried up little red fruits: cherries, strawberries - and my absolute favorite - RASPBERRIES, a treat that I ususally only have when back in the States.

To top it all off, my wonderful gang (well, at least they are this morning), saved many of the raspberries for me as a belated Mother's Day gift, just 'cause they know how much I love them.

Yep, often it really is just the little things that can totally change our perspective...

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