21 May 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Tim likes to go on line and look at Google Earth satellite pictures of different places in the world - since that is about as close as we are going to get to traveling there - at least at this point in our lives. The two photos above are satellite images of first - our neighborhood (our concession is lightened), and second - our house, also lightened. We can tell the picture was taken after we'd moved in because of the some changes we made to the property. You can even see the 5 mango trees in our yard (all of which have produced fruit this mango season!).

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  1. Hi Tim and Richelle it's Mike Murphy. I just discovered your blog and have been delighted to read up on things. I like your blog style and I too enjoy Google Earth! Sounds like things are well...I do keep you in prayer as the Lord brings you to memory. Just to bring you up to date---I am engaged and will be married in October this year! God has been good! My heart is still in Niger though, so my fiancee and I are praying to see if God would have us in Niger long term (forever!) I'll keep in touch. Cheers!


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