05 June 2008

Comedy or Drama?

One fun project Tim recently completed was editing a recent production by the drama class of Sahel Academy. We've included a tiny clip here because we felt the kids did a great job, not just in acting but in coming up with sets/props/etc... it isn't so easy here where we don't have a Walmart or a Home Depot to run to. Additionally, a good number of the students participating in this elective class were in grades 7-9 and several are Brendan's friends and classmates. It gives you just a little picture of where he is going to school! Hope you enjoy!

One other little detail - tonight is graduation night. Brendan will be playing with the school orchestra/music ensemble ("Pomp and Circumstance," of course.) We'd appreciate prayers for the event, and that God's name would be glorified through all of the fun, excitement, activity and sadness of goodbyes as people move on.

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