13 June 2008

Another Worthwhile (and Convicting) Read

I greatly appreciated the following read. If you get a few minutes, I'd recommend taking a few minutes to check it out.


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  1. Hi Richelle! I am glad that you are joining me on the bible reading challenge. How are you doing? These early chapters in Genesis are so mind boggling. The way that they looked at marriage and the relationships just leaves me a little stunned. Every time I read these passages, I am amazed that God choose these individuals....but are they so very different than me?

    I read the article "A Love Experience" and was most struck by this:

    "Maybe even wrong people. Not on the essentials, but perhaps not entirely right on doctrine as a whole. Could I love frustrating, arrogant, (possibly) wrong people? (And, anyways, haven’t I been all of that and more?) So we intentionally attended. Though worn out we reached out."

    This spoke to me right where I am at. Thank you for posting the link.



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