16 June 2008

A Meditation for this Monday

I've been enjoying rereading through Oswald Chamber's My Utmost for His Highest - AGAIN!

"And I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless." I Thess. v. 23.

"Your whole spirit . . . " The great mystical work of the Holy Spirit is in the dim regions of our personality which we cannot get at. Read the 139th Psalm; the Psalmist implies - "Thou art the God of the early mornings, the God of the late at nights, the God of the mountain peakes, and the God of the sea; but, my God, my soul has further horizons than the early mornings, deeper darkness than the nights of the earth, higher peaks than any mountain peaks, greater depths than any sea in nature - Thou Who art the God of all these, be my God. I cannot reach to the heights or to the depths; there are motives I cannot trace, dreams I cannot get at - my God, search me out."

Do we believe that God can garrison the imagination far beyone where we can go? "The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin" . . . We do not allow our minds to dwell as they should on these great massive truths of God.

-from "Intercessory Introspection," Jan 9th's reading.

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