19 June 2008

Our Friend Who Lives in Our Garden

Well, the rains have started and Niger is turning green... well, green for Niger. Even though the humidity of this season can make life tiring and difficult and the wet sand that inevitably enters the house on feet, shoes and Jonathan's entire body drives me crazy - the greens that help to cover up and hide the orange and brown so prominent the other 9 months of the year make a feast for our eyes. We do have a small garden in our yard to help, too - but in 120'F heat, even with twice a day watering, it suffers; now that we've a few good rains behind us, right now, our garden is luxuriant, lush with bright colored flowers and lots of green.

This tree is a pomegranate tree. It actually produces fruit - not a lot, but the kids love this seedy fruit and argue over who gets to eat it until they finally go ahead and decide to share.

This morning, however, our garden resident was hiding in the tree. Look carefully and see if you can spot him. Can you find and identify him?

Jonathan saw him - that's his hand pointing him out! If you still haven't discovered one of our most interesting "pets" in our current menagerie, follow the line of his finger and see if you can... and leave us a comment if you do!

Barring internet issues (always a possiblity here :-) ), we'll reveal (or confirm) the identity of our little buddy in the next few days with lots more pictures!

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