25 January 2013

Five Minute Friday - Again

Her daddy took this photo just a couple years ago.

It is still one of my favorites, an



I love this image

of my not-so-little-but-still-little-compared-to-what-I-see-today girl 
looking out, anticipating her future,

an amazing, exciting, sometimes scary-big world in front of her

(actually all around her)

to explore.

She's our people person - seems to be friends with everyone.

I think they call that people smart
and I learn from her as I watch her talk, friend, encourage, challenge others.

I love how she looks forward to each day.

She's a planner - organized and methodical -

Maybe that's why she's a far better baker than I...

She says she actually WANTS to make her own birthday cake 
so she can try making a white cake.

Little secret?

I'm make chocolate peanut butter pudding dessert to go with!

She's gotten so tall the past two years.

Almost as tall as me... almost.

She's a good student, as well,

and her horseback riding teacher keeps telling us how elegantly she sits in the saddle.

She's growing up.

Not exactly the same, but when we snapped this photo last month, 
I was thinking back to that first one.

It's happening again.

Gazing out, she's becoming...

She keeps changing, growing, learning, maturing, 
baby - toddler - preschooler - kid - tween - teen - 

lovely, generally gentle, willowy, detailed

a lover of books and music and piano and dogs and cats and horses

Growing up...

Yes, it's happening again.

And it's AMAZING!

Happy birthday Nadi-girl!!!


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  1. Yes, those birthdays just keep coming again, much too quickly! Beautiful pictures of your daughter as she grows. :)

    1. thank you.

      they do come quickly, but it is such a treat to watch them grow!

  2. Lovely post, capturing just a little of the experience of your daughter growing up! Looking forward to hearing how her birthday cake goes...

    1. she's making candy corn right now to decorate it!

  3. Replies
    1. I'll be sure to pass along the wishes.

  4. I love this post, she'll look back and be able to read this even when she towers above you or grows out into her life. The pictures are beautiful, I can see how they'd be your favorites. I love how you have the MBTI of each of your children and I love how you see each one. Really see them uniquely. I wonder what my kids's are. Happy Birthday, to your sweet girl!

    1. "grows out into her life..." THAT is a beautiful way to say it. It has been fun to do the mbti with the kids - obviously with our younger ones i've had to do some interpretation, but we usually reverify every couple of years and they've remained pretty consistent.

      I'll pass along the birthday greetings.

  5. This was beautiful.(visiting from FMF!)


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