10 January 2013

Just cruising...

and relaxing

for the next few days.

School starts back next Tuesday.

I know!

We have a much longer break than most people get over the holidays.

This year, I so wish it was longer.

I love the cruising, drifting, come what may sorts of days

characteristic of vacation days when we all hang out around the house. 

(She really is the "cute friend!" Her t-shirt even says so!)


This pipsqueak sure is gonna miss having the whole gang around...

And so am I.

A lot.


  1. that tshirt of tori's is my all time favorite!!! enjoy your drifting days, my friend!

    1. thanks!!! we got that shirt for her and gave it to her when she turned three... that and this leopard print robe! guess it has held up pretty good as she's worn it for nearly 7 years!!! and it is my favorite, too!


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