03 January 2013

Would you consider taking part in this ministry? Encourage an Exodus Road investigator...

Just before Christmas, I posted about Exodus Road.

I firmly believe in the goals and ministry of this organization and therefore want to encourage my friends, family and blog visitors to participate in this ministry opportunity.

The folks at Exodus Road have invited others to participate with them, by simply writing a quick thank you letter to one of their affiliated undercover agents...
     "...make a practical impact in the lives of the investigators on the field. We’d love for you to take five minutes to write them a letter, telling them you appreciate their efforts to find and rescue slaves.

     We will print these letters and hand-deliver them to the team in SE Asia next month, with translation as necessary for our national investigators.
     If you’ve been moved to fight trafficking, but are frustrated by how to practically put action to desire, here’s a simple thing you can do. By supporting and encouraging the investigators, you are helping to empower their work.
These investigators are the physical hands of rescue. They are the nationals and foreigners who get the privilege of actual rescue, but before they kick down a door, they have to travel in bumpy buses, stay in remote villages, witness injustice first-hand, spend late-nights in smokey bars– all for the sake of gathering the evidence needed to encourage an actionable raid.
     They are heroes on so many levels.
     But even heroes sometimes need encouragement....
     If you want to write a hand-written letter, complete your letter by Jan. 5th and mail it to:

The Exodus Road |  PO Box 7591 |  Woodland Park, Colorado, 80863
     If you’d like to write an online letter, go to the this google doc and type it. We’ll print it and hand-deliver it to field agents by the end of January. We’ll also translate it into the appropriate languages. Remember that investigators are from a variety of nationalities and faith backgrounds.
     Imagine if investigators who hardly ever get thanked receive stacks and stacks of letters from people they’ve never met, championing their efforts. Imagine the impact that could have, the fire that could light in the hearts of those fighting discouragement as they battle slavery.
     Join us? Click HERE to access the online letter form. Our goal? At least 300 letters by Jan. 10th." (Original article published on Exodus Road, December 13, 2012)

“Do what you can, 
with what you have, where you are.”

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