20 January 2013

One of the ways he says he loves me...

Icy çold water with squeeze of lemon, a cheesy omelet 
sharing a slice of bacon for breakfast,

all delivered to the computer where I was busy "slaving" away.

I think I'll keep him.


  1. Aw, that is so sweet! It sounds like you have a keeper for sure!

  2. He's been good at making breakfast for as long as I've known him :) Even when we were little kids! But ask him about the time he and I actually followed the directions on the can for making coffee (at least I'm positive we followed them correctly)!

    1. He makes some pretty mean stews and shisk-kabobs, too. But I do think breakfast is one that he does a bit more frequently. As far as the coffee, he says he vaguely remembers something about that, but is clueless regarding the specific circumstances... was the coffee too strong?


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