10 July 2008


An interesting article about Niger...
(by Scott Johnson)


  1. Yeah i posted that article , on www.niger1.com but some europeans scientists disagreed that a lot of factors have not been considered
    once again a Europe USA controversy about Niger
    Like if Saddam Nuclear purchase was not enough
    Niger news on www.niger1.com
    You are not leaving NIger this year are you

  2. Wow, what an educational article! Thanks for sharing that. Are the conditions in the immediate area where you live similar to that described in the article? Do the people around you have a hard time accessing water?

  3. Jenny - Conditions in our area (Niamey) are not that serious (unless there is no electric power to pump the water into the water towers), but the majority of people do not have running water. Instead they use common taps and then haul it to their homes. The situation changes drastically as soon as you move out more towards the desert or towards regions that do not have a source of water like the Niger River or a fairly accessible water table.

    Niger1 - Living here, I would say that Niger has a long way to go from being considered a "green" country, but that is opinion based on what I've seen. Our next planned furlough in the States begins July, 2009.


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