17 July 2008

What Do You Do When...

...when you call home, expecting your wife, child, or house worker to answer the phone, and instead, you hear an unknown adult male voice on the line?

That was the question Tim faced just yesterday, when he called the house. Of course he spluttered, "Who is this?" (forgetting French, for the moment).

To which, that unknown male voice replied, a little exasperated: "It's me, Brendan, Dad. Who'd you think it was?"

Yep, no doubt about it... he's no longer a boy, but a young man in the making.

1 comment:

  1. That is HILARIOUS. I remember the opposite situation happening right after Michael & I got married, calling his family's house. His 12 year old brother answered, and I said, "Hello, mom?"


    Thankfully, he's fully recovered. :-)


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