15 July 2008

Here's Johnny!

Jonathan has to be the cutest and sweetest little boy there ever was. I complained and muttered when he decided to arrive on our 10th anniversary (I kid you not!), but he's been the best anniversary present either Tim or I have received. His endearing qualities make it a challenge to discipline him at times - though we do strive to perservere when it is needed.

We've been a little concerned about his speech development. He'll be 4 years old in December, and while his vocabulary, grammar and syntax are all developing and he's making huge strides, he can still be a challenge to understand as he often speaks very fast and unintelligibly, especially when excited about something. As he is generally a child enthusiastic about everything, including life in general, that is a frequent occurrence. Early on, as he began to try and communicate more and more, he did figure out a most adorable and humourous strategy to help us understand what he was talking about. If we couldn't decipher the word, he'd make the sound. So dinosaurs became "roars," as were lions, tigers and bears. Horses were "neighs," the rooster was called a "cock-doo," Butterscotch (our dog) was "wuff," explosions became "pows," monsters growled and when he wanted to tell me that Safana was cooking, he'd imitate the sound of butter sizzling in a frying pan. My most favorite noise however was the one he used for sleep/nap/bedtime or any other detested and stuck on his bed related word - he'd snore! As he grows up, these sounds are slowly disappearing... but he still keeps that hilarious snore!

Last night, he came crying into our bedroom. He'd had a nightmare (that often happens with our children on the days they take their malaria prophylactic), and after I helped him go to the bathroom, he told me all about his nightmare. It was quite a scary one, so I let him crawl into bed with me for a little cuddle. When I later told him it was time to go back to his bed, big tears started to leak from his eyes, he grabbed me tightly for a hug and with his nose pressed to my nose he said, "Peeze, Mama? I need ~insert snore~ wiff you. Den me no mo scary drweam."

Those of you who know me well probably know that I couldn't say no to that, so he spent the rest of the night cuddled up as close to me as he could get... and awoke with a big grin on his face this morning, whispering, "I wuv you, Mama."

Oh, I think I could just keep him forever...!!!!


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