04 July 2008

4th of July Sky in Niger

Woke up this morning to wind rattling the roof, doors and windows, and there was just enough light to see through our bedroom window the orange cloud that always signifies a coming dust storm. Tim immediately ran through the house shutting all of our windows and after the blast of wind and dust, the rain began... and we took this "holiday" to sleep in. It was a nice treat as the kids wandered one by one into the bedroom and plopped onto the waterbed to inform us that it was raining!

Many have asked us what a dust storm is like - fellow Niamey missionaries just put up a video on their blog that shows a dust storm moving in, so if you'd like to see an honest to goodness, real-life dust storm, check out this link!


  1. Hello! I am also doing the "no other gods" on-line bibly study. I am from Houston and go to FBC! The study is intriguing for me and purposely trying to unjar my thoughts or propel myself from victom-hood to a better place. Not easy when I've been in control all these years.

    I have a suggestion on this post the type that is in orange on the lime green background is hard to read! Maye use a rich burgandy color for the type instead? Cheers! Allison

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Allison.


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