10 July 2008


Brendan walked up to me this morning to ask a question about his chores. He's been tall enough to look me in the eyes for several months now, but this morning, he seemed to be taller. Sure enough, when we stood back to back in front of the mirror, it was obvious. He had clearly surpassed his mother in height.

And you know what? Most of the time I not only love him, but I also just really like and enjoy this delightful young man that the Lord has given us. We are truly blessed, and it is a privilege to have him growing up in our home.

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  1. I watched my daughter drink from the adult waterfountain at Walmart today and thought of this post I saw on your blog...I didn't remember her being able to reach it the last time we were there. I can't believe your oldest is as tall as you...I remember when we met him at Ulmers Memorial Day... picnic a lifetime ago.


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