06 July 2008

Still Adventuring Through the Bible

I'm still working my way through this challenge to read the Bible in 90 days - and still appreciating what God has been showing me as I've made my way through Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, things like:

  1. I'm often just like the Israelites, needing to have His instructions or His wishes repeated to me several times, in several different ways before it begins to sink in...
  2. Sometimes it is easy to think that God is more concerned with the big picture (which He is), but that the details aren't that important, at least not as far as He is concerned. Nothing could be farther from the truth. God does pay attention to the tiniest of details... sin is neither big nor small to Him but it is always an affront to His holiness... and like the words to a song it seems like I've known forever, "God never moves without purpose or plan..."
  3. Reading through God's Word is a beautiful adventure. It is all good - though parts are hard to understand, are difficult to accept, and sometimes, seem just plain wierd - I'm seeing tons of applications to my life right here, right now. I'm seeing applications right and left to different ministry related situations that are ahead of us in the coming months. And then, there are those moments, precious moments, where you come across a nugget that pierces your heart, as though you and God are sitting in the living room, drinking a cup of tea (preferably ice tea, here - since it tends to be HOT), and for no good reason, He decides to come and give you a hug just because... He knows you are tired... feeling burdened... or overwhelmed... not sure what the next step might be... not even sure you like what He seems be asking you to do... Whatever your present frame of mind might be, He knows that your heart needs that hug, and so He gives you one.

I had one of those moments last week -

I wrote the verse in French, because that was how I read it. I've not even looked it up in another Bible or version because I want to meditate on those words, just as first read them... but I will go ahead and translate:

You remember...

all of the road...

that the Eternel, your God...

has helped you to travel...

during these 40 years...

These words were like a heart hug from God. We've got some serious (at least they are to me) unknowns coming up: decisions that need to be made and difficult questions that we need to answer. I am also coming up on my 40th birthday (ACK... How and when did that happen?) in just a few months. With these words, I not only received a much needed hug, but also a reminder to remember:

~many years of walking with my Lord~

~numerous times of His faithfulness despite my unfaithfulness~

~unending supplies of grace and mercy so undeserved~

~innumerable times that He's picked me up and carried me when I've fallen, regardless of the reason~

~unfathomable love beyond measure~

... and this list could continue infinitely, because He is...

My unknowns are still unknown, those decisions unmade as of yet, and I'm still hearing mostly silence as I seek answers to several hard questions. But I do have an almost 40-year history with the Eternel, All-Powerful God who loves and cares for me. I need to choose to remember ALL OF THAT as I choose to trust Him throughout these coming moments.


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