24 September 2007

Braids, Braids, Everywhere!

It has become tradition that I braid the girls' hair for the beginning of the school year - and it is a process that takes 4 or 5 days, but they always enjoy it.

This was the first time I'd "tressed" Victoria's hair. We jokingly called her Medusa, which she loved, and we were able to leave her hair in braids like this for over a week. I don't know if I actually save any time in the long run, but as we are getting used to new school routines, it sure does help to not have to fix their hair EVERY morning.

Anna's hair is the thinnest of all the girls, so her hair doesn't take quite as long. It also doesn't last quite as long either, but I was amazed at just how tiny I could actually get those braids to be.

Nadia still has the shortest hair of the gang, but hers is also the thickest. As I type this entry, today, the 24th, her hair has been in braids since September 5th - and still looks neat. I wonder how much longer it will last?

Rebekah has had her hair tressed more frequently than any of the other girls, but that makes sense, since she's been in the French School the longest and has been bugging me about it the longest! We try some different things with her hair each time, now. While we liked how this looked when we did it, it didn't last quite as long, so I don't know that we will do it again. She wants to have her hair braided at the beauty shop before we travel to the States the end of November - with extensions. We'll have to see about that! We just loved this photo, of the entire munchkin crew (minus Elsie, who was eating at that moment) and the braided heads all over the place. Not hard at all to find Brendan and Jonathan, is it?

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