27 September 2007

TRYING out those Squeaky New Birthday Shoes

(After the video of Elsie Mae plays, at least on our browser, a menu pops up that allows you to link directly to other YouTube videos with similar descriptors. We've not yet figured out how to remove that option - if you know how, please inform us - but not having any idea of the content, only watch videos at your own risk!)

The first time wearing new shoes
is always a bit TRYING.

Imagine TRYING to walk,
for the very first time ever,
wearing any kind of shoes...

She actually did pretty well!

So in this video,
we have one of Elsie Mae's
first TRIES

...to walk in her birthday shoes...

...but she is a bit distracted...

'Cause these shoes are "squeaky" shoes!

If you TRY -

you can hear the squeak
with every step she takes!

We celebrated Elsie Mae's first birthday at a favorite family restaurant with friends. We love the brochettes and fries, Elsie Mae loves the fries, and she had a great time playing with this box of tissues. She's a mostly easy to play child - give her a roll of toilet paper or a box of tissues, and she can contentedly entertain herself for quite some time!

She sure is

a cute little squeaker!


  1. When I try to watch, I get "this is a private video" messages. BTW, have you tried dropshots.com? I like it because unless you share them, they remain private. Not sure if you are able to use that where you are or not?

  2. That was interesting - you left your comment while I was still working on the page. The process can be a bit tedious with our Internet connection. I've been trying for almost two weeks to upload the video and YouTube was the one that finally worked...

    I think I've fixed the settings so that you should be able to watch the video.

    Had not heard of the other site - I'll have to check it out. Thanks.


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