13 September 2007

Déjà Vu...

These two outfits have been two of our favorites - for a quite a long time, now. :-)

We had a blast the other day, trying to get these two to sit still in the garden, keeping their hats on, while I tried to snap a few photos. You ALL know how grandparents are - always asking for photos of the grandkids, so Nadia and I thought we'd take advantage of a beautiful sunshiny day!

Don't you just wonder what Jonathan means by THAT expression?

The above photos reminded me of another "picture day," only this one happened about 9.5 years ago...

See any similarities? Well, once in Niger, we lost the t-shirts... And the one set of pics were most definitely posed in a studio instead of a garden (Olan Mills, most likely)... But it never fails to amaze me, this sibling resemblance; I've noticed it a lot the past few weeks, especially since school started and I'm home alone, with just Jonathan and Elsie Mae these days - -My memories wander back to the days when I was home with just Brendan and Rebekah Joy...

My, how time flies!

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  1. Richelle, you took some beautiful pictures. Of course it helps to have beautiful subjects. Love you, Dad


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