12 September 2007

Look Who's ONE Year Old!

It is really hard to believe that a year has passed - time is "a flyin,' " and way too fast for my likin' !!

Thinking back to her arrival day a year ago, there are a few funny memories:
1) On baby #7, you'd think I'd know what labor felt like - but I wasn't really sure she was truly on her way until less than 1.5 hours before she really got here. Just on a hunch, I decided to ride in with Tim when he dropped the kids off for their afternoon session at school (at 3:00) so we could stop by the clinic and see the midwife. As we left the kids at school, I was finally sure I was in labor.
2) We arrived at the clinic and everything was closed except for emergency - afternoon sieste, you know.... I spoke with the dr. on call and he showed us where we could wait until the midwife would arrive - about 30 minutes or so.
3) I calmly informed him I didn't think we'd be waiting for the midwife... and ended up being promptly admitted and taken to the delivery room.
4) Our midwife arrived, told us she was there and then went to call the dr.
5) I told Tim he needed to find the midwife because Elsie Mae had decided to arrive - rapidly.
6) And it was a good thing he got right back to the delivery room, because he was the one who "caught" her.
7) Funniest thing though, they didn't want to give us a break on the delivery and hospital bill even though we were the ones who did all the work.... wonder why?
8) Our first delivery at this clinic, the midwives were a bit hesitant at the idea of Tim in the delivery room - they sure have come a long way in two short years!

People often ask us where her name, Elsie Mae Brianne, comes from. It is easy - one great grandma is Elsie and another one is Mae, hence the Elsie Mae. Brianne was added just because I liked the way it sounded (and knowing me, it has a meaning that I like, but which is escaping me at this present moment).

We are so thankful for our littlest one - she is a happy, cuddly, mischevious and and all around fun kid. She adores her older siblings and is happiest when she is playing on the terrace of the early morning or singing with her sisters. It is always a fascinating and miraculous process as we watch one of our blessings grow, develop and become the person God has made him or her to be.

Of course the rest of the gang is asking when the next one will be coming along. I just like the look on Tim's face when they do!


  1. Wow! I didn't realize you guys had pretty much delivered Elsie Mae on your own! Hope she had a fabulous first.

  2. Yep - it's true. We were thankful to have been such "experienced" parents by that point. :-)


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