11 September 2007

Nothing profound or truly significant...

...just some random musings over several things from the past few days -

Carpooling - that is a new experience for us. I mean, I used to be in a carpool when I was a student, but now I'm seeing it from a parent's perspective. I'm so thankful - for many reasons, but in particular - we only have to drive once or twice/day instead of like last year, where sometimes we were running 4-5 times in a day. Another benefit - I think - Tim bought me a cell phone. He says it is so he can keep track of me as I'm running kids all over town. I like one of the games that is programmed into it - and just yesterday, I beat Tim's high score.

It is also fun, interesting and often eye opening to listen to what is going on in the back seats...
I've learned about IPods (I'm still not sure if I love or hate technology), softball strategies, the "good" tv shows - which include 24, Monk, Survivor, Lost... and M.A.S.H. as well as Little House on the Prairie (it is quite the eclectic group), what so and so had in their lunch, who shared what with whom, what constitutes the perfect lunch/snack to take to school, and birthday party themes for the next decade,... I'm still learning the routes to take to avoid the worst potholes so the kids in the back don't get sea sick and thanking the Lord frequently for the blessing of our Land Cruiser.

Tori had my favorite first day of school moment - as I left her at her classroom, she solemnly turned, shook my hand and said, "Bye Mom. Have a good day. See you later." It is easy to forget she's only 4 sometimes. But, reality is also setting in - the fact that she's going to school every day, all morning and a few afternoons a week, too. I was worried about her this morning as she was needing some significant attitude adjusting and struggling with this new reality; but God had already taken care of everything, even before I knew to start praying - one of the older missionary girls is doing a community service project in her classroom, and it is one of the girls that Victoria really likes! So she is all excited about school again and was just beaming as I left her this afternoon.

Hopefully, I'll post some photos of the girls soon - we "tressed" their hair in honor of the beginning of the new school year and they look really cute!

Our freezer is broken, yet again. This is a frustrating annoyance that seems to occur every 3-4 months. Fortunately, the majority of what I had in it was flour and the rest we were able to cram into the little freezer above the fridge. But, we don't know if it is repairable this time or what we will do if it isn't (i.e. buy another one??).

I did find "Millenium Cookies" at the store today, however - that is the occasionally available oreo cookie mimic - something we've not seen for over a year. So I picked up a couple of packages and the kids and Tim promptly devoured them after lunch.

I'm remembering how much I love to be a student myself, as I've started back into "school," taking Zarma language classes. Tim is loving all the extra time at the studio.

Jonathan and I are working on his speech a bit, and I'm also teaching him some signs to help him with his communication frustrations and we are seeing some improvement. He is really missing having his siblings around, but I think he's enjoying the extra time with me and he listens intently for the slam of the gate that announces someone's arrival at home. I'm finding that Tues/Thurs afternoons may be a really nice time to take my two little ones to the pool, ...
but a bit sad as the house is very quiet and lonely since summer vacation is now completely and irrevocably over.

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