03 October 2007

Ready for some KICKBALL?

These photos are from back in August - it has taken me a bit of time to track them down, as the 2nd one was the only one I took before the recently recharged camera batteries fizzled thanks to the heat. Sahel has intramural sports each year, and home school and otherwise schooled students are invited to participate.

The kindergarten and elementary aged students played kickball. The jr high and high school students had a soccer tournament. So, pretty easy to figure it out - our girls were on the kickball field while Brendan was playing court soccer.

Since I wasn't the one taking the photos, I wasn't able to find any of Anna or Brendan playing. I was disappointed - when you see those two out with their peers, it is easy to see how much they've grown.

It is quite obvious, however, ...that Rebekah was the
camera magnet...

I remember many games of playground kickball as a child. It was always one of my favorites. I liked to play the equivalent of the "shortstop" position 'cause you got lots of action. Trying to steal bases was also fun.

But on this day, it was neat to watch my own children playing a game that I so enjoyed myself as a kid.


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