25 October 2007

Témoinage de vertu

This week, Anna received and award at school. Each week, students are selected from each class to be recognized for outstanding effort in particular areas of discipline. Anna was chosen from her class. In the collage below, you can see her as she receives her award (she was just a little nervous up in front of everyone.)

Her certificate reads:

"Anna Wright, Classe CE1A, a montré l'autodiscipline quand elle fait ce que l'on attend d'elle sans qu'on ait à le lui rappeler et qu'elle progresse toujours un peu plus dans son travail."

For those of you who don't read French:

"Anna Wright, in the CE1A class, has demonstrated self-discipline when she does what is expected of her without having to be reminded, and because each time, she progresses in the quality of her work."

We are so pleased with Anna's courage - we know French school is not easy (in fact, it is a bit scary) for her! And we are so pleased with her hard work. It truly is a privilege to be her mama and daddy!

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