14 October 2007

Baby pics from a LOOOOOOONG time ago :-)

For some reason,

when Richelle was just a young'un,

she resisted giving her Pop-pop a kiss.

She would cry and cry

(and everyone else would laugh, so the story goes...)

Until she finally relented ...

All that fuss for nothing!


We had fun showing the kids the above photos,

as well as some other ones

of Richelle as a baby,

and their general opinion was

that Elsie Mae looks an awful lot like her mama.

Take a moment

and let us know what you think

by leaving a comment -

since we can't set up a poll for this one!


  1. Yes, I think she looks like you! Definitely.

  2. Hey - not sure what happened to the post of Brendan playing his flute, but I heard it via my Google Reader and he's doing a great job! I'm sure he greatly encouraged his Grandma Betty and Pop Pop - and me, too! Thank you, Brendan!


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