04 September 2012

~ One of those lists people do all the time ~

Top 10 Things I Said I'd NEVER Do...

...and now I'm eating those words
(and discovering them mostly delicious,
just like my kids who first figured they'd hate broccoli
and then found out that they were wrong!)

So, let's get things rolling by starting with #10...

10. Have more than 3 or 4 kids...

...this picture speaks for itself!
We're so glad for each one of them.

9. Hold a snake...

...that one flew out the window after I had kids
begging me to share their backyard treasures.
And yes, I know that's Nadia, not me holding the snake.
But it's hard to get a picture of yourself holding the snake when
you are generally the one holding the camera; I snapped this one with a little snake.
Does that count?

8. Fly with a lap child, again...

...Since Brendan was born (nearly 17 years ago),
I've never yet flown without one
- well, except one trip when I was great with child...
but I'm thinking that the time when I was 7 months pregnant
and had a lap child cancels out the other one.

7. Use the internet...

... Um, do I need to say anything?

6. Join Facebook...

...the screen shot speaks for itself, eh?

5. Speak in front of people...

...Remember how I shared this?
And then this?
That "then this" is TOMORROW!
(I'd really appreciate prayer, too!)
Of course, I've been speaking in front of people
for a long time, now... although, while in college,
I signed up for the only speech class that required
a single speech!

4. Be a teacher...

...I've learned not to say "No way!
I'll never teach THAT!"

3.  Use "The Wedding Song" in my wedding...

... It was the only song Tim asked to have in our wedding.
What a great opportunity to start learning right off the bat that it was our wedding
and our marriage... not mine.
I'm still learning that lesson some days.

2. Marry a guy younger than me...

...He is.

1. Live in Africa...

...my dad used to say he'd never come to Africa either.
But he did.
He loves his grandkids!


  1. And I am so glad you did many of those- because then we get to know you better, stay in touch and enjoy your gifts!

    1. :-)

      thanks ~ y'all look like you've been having a great home assignment!


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