01 September 2012

Puppy Dog Olympics?

We have two dogs -
They are a sibling pair, given to Anna for her 10th birthday
by Nigerien friends of ours.

They come from Agadez,
and they are beatiful canine creatures.

This is Bethoven.
He's a guy.
He's also slobbery sweet
even tho' he sounds like he might eat you alive.
He can be a clumsy oaf...
ask Mary Michelle who has finally learned to get out of his way
when he first comes running up to say, "Howdy!"
He'll also steal your food...
he especially likes peanut butter on bread, sprinkled with a little bit of sugar.
You can talk to Mary Michelle about that, too!

And this is Butterscotch.
She's a girl.
Rebekah thinks she's the prettiest color
and has the loveliest eyes a dog could ever have.
She's a brat and a trouble-maker.
She whines a lot and she just might eat you alive,
especially if you come on our compound without permission
or when they are on "patrol" at night.
She's also incredibly athletic... or related to Houdini.
Our taller-than-2-meter high fences can't keep her in...

We're open to suggestions.

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