03 September 2012

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts ~ !! Synergy !! More than Amazing !!


It's an interesting word.

A bit awkward, actually.

After I typed it, I sat there and stared at it for several minutes, first convinced I'd spelled it wrong and then trying to figure out where I was wrong. I finally checked the dictionary, discovering I'd typed it correctly. Maybe that seeming awkwardness emanates from my spelling baggage?

Officially, it means "The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects."

Or, more simply, "multiplied energy." (Duane Elmer described synergy that way.)

It's one of those cases where the product of two (or several) is more than just the sum of the individuals.

I read this really interesting (at least to me - cause I've always been one of those horse-crazy girls) statistic last week.

Elmer, in the "Learning" chapter of Cross Cultural Servanthood writes:
  • one horse can pull 6,000 - 7,000 pounds
  • two horses can pull about 18,000 pounds
  • two horses trained to pull toether can pull 25,000 pounds
When synergy happens between two or  more people, the result can be amazing, exhilarating, productive and awesome.


Synergy accomplished lots here in Niamey last week.

When synergy happened not just between two or more people... but between  synergized people also cooperating with God and allowing Him to have His way in and through them as they joined Him in His work?

Amazing results followed.

God directed synergy performs miracles.

I've observed and experienced God directed synergy the past two weeks, as friends, family and colleages have worked together to rescue, recuperate, and restore so that Sahel Academy can resume school... 2 weeks from today. The fact that we're even still thinking Sept. 17th as a possibility is nothing short of astounding!

God directed synergy is breathtaking, and today, I'm thankful.

this week's gratitude list:

(#'s 3056 - 3075)

human synergy

God directed synergy

powerful animals working together and the picture of how unity multiplies effort to accomplish so much more than the simple sum of individual forces

a temporary computer lab for students enrolled in on-line courses up and running

locations identified for both elementary and secondary school to begin again - edited on 9/4 - negotiations for the building we hoped to use for secondary are not going well, so nothing is a done deal yet on that front. PLEASE PRAY!!

school within walking distance of our house this year... we'd wondered how in the world we'd survive all those school runs

the two buildings are only a few blocks apart... great for teachers like me who float back and forth between the two

nearby locations are also great for parents who will have kids at both places

neither building requires too much work before we move in

several storms simply dissipated or passed over us last week without dumping any more rain... until Friday afternoon, after all work had already ceased

worship and fellowship with our Harobanda church for the first time in a few weeks

ladies locating permanent "year-long" homes for expat families who evacuated their homes due to flooding

generous responses from far away friends

friends to the Niger misso community coming and planning on doing some encouraging for tired, hurting people

a new location for NEWS - Niamey Evening Worship Service

quiet time to prepare

looking forward to talking with local educators about why I believe special education is one way to obey God's mandate: care for the "least of these"

One evening a few weeks ago, the kids discovered this sweet, tinier than tiny kitten trapped in the large drainage ditch that runs through our property. It was a good thing, too, because it rained hard that night and that ditch becomes a raging torrent in heavy downpours. We've adopted him, naming him Achilles for the gray spots on his heels and he's such a sweetie; he'll snuggle on your lap for hours, purring nonstop. He good naturedly puts up, for the most part, with Elsie Mae's and Mary Michelle's attention and rambunctious hugs. He really like leftover chicken, pizza sauce and small chunks of peanut butter. On Saturday, one of the heavy metal doors in the house injured him as it shut on his neck/head. He crawled off and hid under one of the shelves hardly moving for a few hours. It seemed to be serious and we questioned if he could survive the trauma. Significantly less active and a bit woozy when he finally stumbled out an interminably long time later, he remained lethargic most of the day; by Saturday evening, thought, he was acting like himself again. I'm so glad. Achilles pounced his way into my heart, the first pet to accomplish that feat since my miniature schnauzer back in high school days. We all prayed that he'd be OK and praise God, it looks like he is. Good thing God gave kitties 9 lives!

in the midst of so much uncertainty and loss, God protected our sweet little kitty, and that has given renewed energy and gumption for the next onslaught of work and activity in the coming week

God's goodness, always


  1. Yes, you spelled "synergy" correctly, but you spelled "right" wrong :)

    1. saw that. you'll also notice i don't bother with the shift key on many of my comments... some would say that's laziness.

      technically, i think i'd call that a typo, though, not a spelling mistake.

    2. Yeah, but I gotta pick on you :) We've had some interesting discussions on grammar over the years, so I have to throw spelling in there ;P

      And I think a lot of spelling mistakes I see online are typos (though technically still a mistake, since "typo" is just short for "typographical mistake," and whatever the reason, it's still misspelled), not to be confused with the vast majority of them that are just from people who don't know how to spell.

    3. typo is still a mistake, but it is a "motor" mistake, not a lack of knowledge error.

      and no, you don't GOTTA pick on me... you choose to... but that doesn't bother me. =D


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