27 September 2012

Learning from One of His Valiant Ones

It’s been almost 12 years serving alongside my husband, raising our family, living in a place dry and dusty, difficult and destitute… It is hard to imagine anyone choosing to be here, at least not without the call of God pushing them. But I do. In fact, there’s no place in the world I’d rather be. It is here that God fleshed out for me what it means to be His woman of valor.

I could write about several women who’ve impacted my life: Mamata, struggling to learn to read at nearly 70 years of age, desperately desiring God’s Word and so she continues to plug away, despite ridicule and ostracism from her Muslim family. I could share about Aissa and Alarba, co-wives to a man who came to know Jesus not too many years ago. They, in an impossible-for-me-to-understand-situation, live and love and work together as friends, encouraging each other in their walk with the Lord, working side by side hour after long hour frying fish and donuts to sell in the market, and caring for their uniquely blended family. I could have… but didn’t choose any of those women....

To continue reading, please join me today over at Missionary Mom's Companion. Certainly hope to see you there!

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  1. Hi Tim and Richelle,

    I posted a comment on your other site too. Thanks for stopping by my site Jottings from Jennifer, on the cowboy slant. How fun to hear that you are in Africa! I grew up in parts of West Africa.

    Hope to get to know you more,
    Jennifer Dougan


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