20 September 2012

Back to School - Again!

school banner

opening assembly - the 2nd time around
Nadia and Anna are sitting right over by the window

cold water

figuring out where to go

10th grade, take 2

7th grade - you can't see much of her, but Anna's head is the one all the way back in the corner

one of the classrooms - balconies are a nice touch!

M&m and Miss Neff - M&m loves being a part of the school world, as much as she is able at 3 years old!

lots of kids using that stairway these days

peeking in the door of the soon-to-be-up-and-running computer lab

freshmen are lots of fun!

"I dunna know, Mom... Hopefully this time we'll make it more than a week and 1/2!"
Will he ever graduate?

hurrying to class... but don't forget to be courteous in the hallways!

balcony with a view - checking out the PE garage

whoever cleaned the doors and windows did a pretty spectacular job - just look at that reflection

the Center for Academic Progress is now located in a corner of the Administrative Suite...
~my desk is still as messy as ever~

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