21 July 2012

Friday Night @ the Dunes - Part II

Rebekah is clearly exasperated with her mother trying to get her to smile and stop squinting as I snap a photo.

See the Jon-man's shadow audience?
Can you spot his shadow?

He's definitely at that age where genuine smiles for photos are a rare thing...

... but persistence finally paid off.
Is it possible to be head over heels with your own kid?

I now know what if feels like to be "stalked."
Thankfully, these creatures weren't too wild.

Jon-man wanted his photo taken, flying in front of the sunset.

Watching the sunset is always one of my favorite parts of a trip out to the dunes.
There really is nothing else like an African sunset.

Tori tried her hand at capturing these "tree portraits."
She's curious to know which one you prefer... and why, of course!

I loved all of the photos I've included - but for some reason, this is a particular favorite.

My eyes almost hurt when I look at the brightness of the sun in this photo!

Even just laying on your back and
watching the cloud formations and colors was phenomenal.

Another fave -
Look at those silhouettes against the vivid colors of the sky just after the sun had set!

If you missed "Friday Night @ the Dunes - Part I,"
here's the link!


  1. I love these pictures! And I like the second tree portrait because it follows the "rule of thirds" and I like that "rule". :-)

    1. thanks, Jenny!

      it is always fun to get the camera back after the kids have been using it and to see the world through their filter from time to time!


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