06 July 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Story

Joining up with Lisa-Jo @ Gypsy Mama for another Five Minute Friday!

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She always has a story ~

And she's always wanting to share it ~

With anyone who will listen ~

Because she loves people. All people. Even when they don't always love her back. She might be confused and hurt and not understand why, but that hasn't stopped her from greeting this world with a smile, a squeeze and an exuberant kiss. She grabs life by the hand and skips away into each day.

Yes, she's my little girl and I'm a more than a little bit biased...

But I learn so much from watching her live her story. For for Elsie Mae, every day is a like a treasure chest filled to the brim with dress-up clothes of exciting ideas, opportunities and adventures to mix, match, try-on and, of course, then model for her mama. I'm humbled by how easily she remembers to liberally thank Jesus for the so many little things that make her smile one of my most common sights of each day... How could we have known when we gave her a name meaning "My God is Bountiful" that she would literally make that a part of her story, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY?

She wakes up most mornings asking me in her always slightly husky and throaty (well, unless she's high-pitched screaming or squealing  with joy, excitement... and occasionally anger) voice what fun I think she'll find today.

And then she goes on to play in the sand wearing nothing but her panties, to tell stories and re-enact the movie "Spirit" with little toy figures, to spy on the baby hedgehogs suckling from their mama in the storage room by the carport, to chatter away as we cut up tomatoes and other goodies for homemade salsa, to practice reading- expressing redundant phonetic-based stories with delightful enthusiasm, and to greet each friend (for "...everyone's my friend, right Mama?") who stops by with a wide embrace plus her enchantingly mischevious sparkly-eyed grin, ready to share her important story of that moment whether or not her listener understands English or her Elsie Mae-isms.

Then as she heads to bed at night, she softly lays her head against my shoulder and whispers with a sleepy smile... "Dream sweet, Mama."

I reply, "You too, love ~"

"Today was fun! My sleep stories are gonna be sweet t'night!..." as she meanders down the hallway to her room where she snuggles in next to one of her sisters....


  1. This was so beautifully written! I especially liked the words, "She grabs life by the hand and skips away into each day.". Children are so giving with their words and their love.

    My son is just recently becoming so verbal and the stories that he shares each day reflect such imagination and joy!

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful words and photos this morning.

  2. We do learn so much about enjoying life from our children. I always enjoyed seeing something familiar to me, but new to my children, through their eyes. Great post, thanks for sharing. ~Nita

  3. Enjoyed reading & thanks for stopping by my blog! I love hearing the stories our young ones have made up along the way - sometimes with great spiritual depth!

  4. SO SWEET!!!! She is so adorable. I have two boys. :)

    I'd love to invite you to join in my online Bible study of Ephesians -- starts next week! :)


  5. I have a little girl much the same way. Such a blessing to see their stories so bound up in the heart of God. Truly wondrous.


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