10 July 2012

Sweet Success!!!

Mary Swims!!???

Yes Sirree! #8 is finally swimming...
not that we just turn her loose at the pool these days,
but it sure is nice not to have to remember to bring her little yellow ring anymore...
when I remember that that means she's growing up and not my baby anymore...

Music - The Swimming Song by Loudain Wrainwright III
Photos - by Rebekah, Nadia, Anna, Victoria & Richelle
Video editing - Tim
Video editing apprentice - Jonathan
Video editor's encourager - Elsie Mae
Star - Mary Michelle

M&M's most persistent swim instructor - Nadia
People we wished were here participating in the editing process - Brendan & Leandra

 PS ~ & just in case you were wondering ~
in the bit of video at the very end, M&M is catching waterbugs in a ziplock bag...

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