27 July 2012

5 Minute Friday ~ Beyond

Joining up with Lisa-Jo @ Gypsy Mama because...

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OK, are you ready? Please give me your best five minutes on..."


"How much do you love me?"

Every kid asks that question sometime, I think. All eight of mine have. If we're honest, we all keep asking that question the entirety of our lives. We want to know that someone, somewhere out there, loves us. We want to be reassured.

"How much do you love me?"

My husband made a game of it. "I love you 7 billion 2 hundred and 43 thousand one hundred and sixty-two!" said teasingly. It was always some number, crazy complicated and silly crazy huge. And then child comes up with something equally, sweetly confuse. 

Every single one of our eight children love this game... still; it's code for "I love you, Daddy. I want your attention and a hug, too."

As we've home-schooled, read books, watched movies, we've added new phrases. So if you ever pop over for a cup of late morning tea and a chat, you might hear...

"I love you all the way to the moon!"

"I love you all the way to the moon, around it five times and back!"

"I love you all the way to the moon and back 75 times today."

"I love you all the way to the moon and back 75 times today and every day for the next 75 years."

"I love you till all the fur's rubbed off and a fairy makes you real."

"I love you forever and ever and its a very long time!"

"Take that bit of fluff out of your ear and listen to me tell you just how much Iove you..."

"I love you to infinity and beyond."

Then littlest one sleepily whispered one evening... "I love you to inifinity and beyond and then all the way back home to our couch for a little 'nuggle."

She's too young to grasp the significance of what she said, but she put into words for me an attempt to wrap in words the kind of love God has and enables His own to share.

Think about it:
"I love you to inifinity and beyond and then all the way back home to our couch for a little 'nuggle."
"I don’t think we always know what it is that causes hearts to connect and click and for [love] to grow. But... to endure, you have to learn to love the other not just because of the wonderful things you see or in spite of the frustrating, annoying things. I think you also have to let those annoying and frustrating things become dear to you, too – because they are part and parcel... it is also in those areas, sometimes, where it is easiest to see God working…" **

Because love travels with the one loved to infinity and beyond... and then comes back to the nitty gritty of every day real life and continues to hang out, there, too.

**Words I wrote, jjust the other day, to my lovely friend.


  1. Such an amazingly awesome post.

    1. thanks, Denise. appreciate your visit, today!

  2. Love that over and over and over again you verbally affirm that love outloud and with a sense of humor!

    1. appreciate your encouragement. thanks for stopping by today.

  3. To my husband I say, "I love you more than chocolate!"
    To me he will say, "I love you more than basketball!"

    Trust me, that's a lot:-)

    1. hee hee! that's funny. for my hubby, it would have to be more than whatever is his latest computer game fad. :-)

      and i understand... that would be a lot!!!

      thanks for stopping by today.

  4. A sweet glimpse into the life of your family. I love this practice. And I so often show my love with a 'nuggle.

    1. your kind words are appreciated. 'nuggles, no matter what the age, are sweet treasures!

      thanks for visiting today.

  5. I love this post and I love your family practice of affirming love for each other ! That is a legacy that will travel many a generation -- and BEYOND.

    I found you through My Destiny, Sharing Hope and linked up below. (Though, I admit, I took a tad bit longer than 5 minutes...new to this and all. ) ~Blessings.

    1. i wish i could say it was "intentional" - but it wasn't. it really is, in many ways - a teasing sort of game and a habit, but i find it to be a lovely one!

      thinks for visiting our cyberhome today. :-)

  6. This is just the sweetest thing. And I love your interpretation of those little words, God sure does love us enough to enter into the muck and mess of our world!

    1. so very, very glad He does, too!!

      thanks for the visit and your kind words...


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