20 July 2012

5 Minute Friday ~ Enough

Joining Lisa-Jo for another Five Minute Friday!

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I've always truthfully said that Niamey is most certainly NOT one of those places...

No one in their right mind, at least that I know, would pull out a world map, place their finger on a star next to a blue squiqqly line just on the backside of the Sahara and exclaim, "Of all the places in the world, I want to live THERE!" An island in the Carribean... along the coast of the Mediterranean... the foothills of the Rockies... an island cradled by waves in the Gulf of St. Lawrence... perhaps! But not Niamey... not likely.

Yet it is only about a 30 minute drive (traffic cooperating, of course) to get to what truly is, in my opinion, an amazingly beautiful spot and one of my most favorite places in the whole wide world.

There is nothing like a desert sky, out away from the lights of the cities. On clear nights, there truly are more stars than you could imagine numbering. And they are brilliantly radiant - not the dim twinkles they appear when I'm gazing up from within the city.

And then to look out, in a world where electric lights are farther away than a day's walk reality, and see the campfires! It may only be a bundle of 10-12 sticks, but once flame ignites, you can see them dotting the dunes for miles in all directions - even on the plateau across the river.

I think of the oft repeated Reverend Alden quote:

"There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle.”

We were out at the dunes again recently - but this time I noticed a distinct change:

Tall poles with lines strung between. Modernity, bringing ectricity along with her, has made an appearance.

One of the nearby villages, maybe six or seven kilometers distant (not as the crow flies, but following the newly paved road back towards town), now has electricity and artificial light glares, intruding into the peacefulness of that place.

And I was struck by this truth:

It is true that darkness may not extinquish the light of a small flame.

However, the defiantly arrogant and brash rays
gleaming from artificial, man created light
just may drown out, or draw away from, 
the soft warm welcoming circle gently glowing about the embers of the real thing.

(Reverend Alden is the well-known Reverend from Little House on the Prairie fame.)


  1. Niamey sounds like a wonderful place to visit, even with the newly added wires that bring the nearby village into modern times. Thank you for sharing this with us. Quilted blessings.

    1. ya know - I'm actually happy for that village - it will make life a bit easier... a bit more convenient. i was just struck by the fact that sometimes our artificial lighting drowns out the real thing - and the potential spiritual implications of that thought.

      thanks for the return visit. :-)

  2. I've never been to the desert, though the pictures reminded me a bit of sleeping bear dunes in Michigan. Last night I saw a PBS show on light pollution.....it would resonate with you. And braiding your girls together? Their hair isn't long enough now but I love the idea!

    1. we're from michigan and we LOVE sleeping bear! doesn't have quite the same level of majestic desolation, though i'm not sure why.

      i haven't actually had to braid any hairs together for a long time now - but the two youngest are starting to get to that point. and shorter hair means they have to work even more closely... =D

  3. I love your whole post, but I really enjoyed your photos today. They made me feel what you wrote.

    1. Thanks, Linda! And thanks for popping over here today.


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