15 May 2012

of yogurt and competitions

Theses photos are about 6 months old... but they still make me smile

...every time I see them.

Our happy-go-lucky-mostly-always-sweet Elsie Mae so intent on her competition.

Most of her "events" that day, she spent more time smiling at her "fans" than watching the race track in front of her.

But not when it came to the hula hoop throwing contest.

It was a good sort of strange to see my girl concentrating and working hard to do her best AND still having lots of fun at the same time.

At the same time, it was hilarious to watch my generally-always-driven one acting super silly and goofy, just hoping to capture either big sis's or mom's attention by dramatically sipping her yogurt-in-a-baggie.

She obviously succeeded - at least with her mom - I snapped the photo, didn't I?

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