10 May 2012

Just amazing when something like THIS happens ~

...when the very ideas and thoughts I'm mulling over, meditating on  and praying through as I sit reluctantly awake one long night with sick little one...

More eloquently written, probably longer prayerfully pondered, but...

...my mostly-exactly-the-same-sort-of-soul-searching-ramblings were also thought by someone else, someone else whose love and understanding of Scripture, perspective and point of view I respect enormously and almost always find challenging!

Did the Holy Spirit just whisper soft in my ear: "Yep, You heard Me right... Now that you know, I expect you'll put it into practice."?

I'm not really one of those touchy-feely-all-blown-by-emotional-winds-types (well, at least not on most days - though on some days I wish I was), but truthfully, I got goosebumps this time, because that was what it felt like.

Frankly, my faith is driven by the truth and practicality I find as I study God's Word - I'm a words-sorta-gal, after all. I love that love letter to me from my Heavenly Daddy. I turn to the Scripture first and foremost; it is my primary guide and I believe that is the way God wants it to be. So I'm not so much into mystical faith experiences. Those numinous incidents of which I hear others speak make me nervous, because when it comes to God, I much prefer things I can pin down, at least a little bit (yes, I know, pinning God down is a bit of an oxymoron - but He is unchangeable and He does always keep His promises, so...). I also know the Almighty, All-Powerful Alpha and Omega is not, under any stretch of my imagination, a domesticated deity - and so I refuse to accept the more comfortable-to-me premise that He never works in those more mystical ways.

You know that cliché?

It's the one about the glass being either half empty or half full. If you tend to see it full,  you are the classic optimist. If not, you are, as one of my friends likes to say, an Eeyore.

from everystockphoto.com

I started thinking about it because M&M had asked for some water, so I got her some. She took a few sips and sat it on the floor beside us on the couch. Then I promptly knocked it over... as I was standing to get a towel, seriously wishing I'd only filled the glass halfway...

when the following sequence of thoughts flitted through my mind - and I shared them with little tike as they did:
  • "Don't bother - we live in the desert and have a tile floor - the floor will dry...
  •  "...and maybe the evaporation will cool things off a tiny bit."
That surprisingly happy sort of thought coming from me caught me off guard ~
  • "That was a surprisingly glass half full thought from one who, late at night and in a sleep deprived state, ALWAYS considers the glass half empty." (If you have any doubt about that reality, ask my husband.)
  • "I wonder why I tend to see half full glasses in the daylight and kick over my half empty glasses in the dark?"
  • "Can a glass really be half empty?"
  • "Scientifically? Only in a vacuum because the part that doesn't contain water (or some other liquidish type thing) is full of air."
  • "Air is even more urgent for life than water... both are necessary, but the absence of air? That is certain death in a very short time."
  • "When God only provides a half glass of water, He's also gifting a glass half full of air."
And that thought, in the wee hours of the morning, was, well, almost revolutionary... if by God's grace I choose to keep seeing that perspective, even when I can't see it...

Reading her blog post today reminded me of all that... I'm glad... and I wanted to share...  

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