03 May 2012

She's our Anna-lu-la

Our Anna is our shy, most introverted one ~ and extroverted activities, like school, have always been harder for her than for the other kids.

Ever since she was a tiny tike (i.e. only months old), she has always been happiest with her entire family close by... like in the car, all within arm's reach... literally.

People who best know our family from hanging out with us around our house or at the pool (places where she is super comfortable) are often surprised by the huge difference when she is in a less comfortable social setting.

Just ask Andi,
as she has spent some time helping out in Anna's class as school this past year.
She's remarked more that Anna-at-school has surprised her.

So, when our sending organization began the dissolution process last August and we realized we needed to have all of our kids at the same school for both financial and logistical reasons (and it meant a big, uncomfortable change for Anna).

Here is a picture of Anna's class this year (scavenged from Facebook... in fact, all of these photos are ones I've "collected" from Facebook, I do believe).

While not easy, it has been a good year for Anna.
She's been forced to grow, make new friends, try new things, change some bad habits...

Our gal who struggles with dysgraphia has grown to love writing. She's been writing her own very dramatic story about a blind gal and horses. We hope to start "publishing" installments here on the blog soon, for your reading enjoyment.

She enjoys her independent French class with a Swiss classmate. The gal's mother graciously helps Anna along.

But if you ask Anna her favorite part of school this year, it is her teacher.

God's always showing us His care for our family
in the wonderful teachers He provides for us,
 often times more perfect for a particular child
than we could have imagined in our wildest dreams.

That really ministers to this mama's heart...

Anna's only complaint about Mrs. Rupnow is that she is too focused sometimes,
and no matter how hard they try,
her class can't sidetrack her until the work that needs to be done is done!

Next year, Anna will move into 7th grade and home school with her mama... don't think I'll be able to compare with her lovely teacher this year (after all, I am just "the mama"),
but I'm thankful for all the hard work that has been done this year as Anna has already transitioned into English schoolwork.

And we're looking forward to continuing to work with Mrs. Rupnow - she's scheduled to teach Elsie Mae's class next year.

Elsie Mae just smiled really, really big when we told her that.

JUST CURIOUS: How many of you out there know our family well enough to know where the nickname "Anna-lu-la" comes from?


  1. Ah! So crazy how big they're all getting (your kids and the kids at school). Sure missing you all! Much love

    1. and we you... girlie... we you! much love back at ya!

  2. She must be a sweet, sweet girl! About her nickname...it`s adorable and you should tell us the story of how she got it!

    1. She is... when she isn't bein' ornery (but she's like every other kid that way). She made some yummy foccacio bread last night for dinner!

      her nickname - she used to think that people were "singing" her name when she heard them sing "Aleluia" at church, French pronunciation, after we came to Niger.

      Another funny one? We sing a "chorus" with the line "Dans Samaria" in it and our kids all used to think it was "Dance like Nadia..."

      hee hee!

      What funnies have your kids done with this whole second language bit?


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