22 May 2012

whispered prayers ~ dance of grace

I love dancing.

I love watching dancing.

I love teaching dancing.

I'm ever amazed by the cultural variety and beauty present in dance.

I love watching others learn to dance.

I love helping the hesitant begin to enjoy dancing.

I love that my children find the same joy in dancing that I do.

I love hearing music while seeing it come to life as it directs movement.

I love the precision and the rhythm.

I love the freedom - the twirling and spinning, flipping and flying.

I love figuring out new steps, hearing new beats, trying new patterns.

I particularly love the uniqueness of each member in a dance troup submitting themselves to the grace of unity.


I read this in a book recently: "to observe their family is to witness a dance of grace."

May those who see us also see that dance of grace in our family...

...THAT has become one of my daily prayers.

(All photos taken on Mother's Day, 2012, during a sandstorm here in Niamey.
Some of my gang could not resist dancing and playing in the wind and sand. Nothing like stating the obvious!)

[Manion, Jeff (2010-07-14). The Land Between: Finding God in Difficult Transitions (Kindle Location 776).
Zondervan. Kindle Edition.]


  1. I love everything about this post, Richelle!!

    1. thanks, Jill... i love the photos of the kids playing... and the ones of Bren watching out for his little sis...

  2. Oh I want to get up and dance.


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