01 May 2012

Top ? Reasons You Know It's Hot Season

A friend of mine just recently posted this on Facebook (thanks, Beth S!)... it is her second hot season in Niamey (which has the dubious distinction of being the hottest capital city in the world - or so I've been told.)

So, for a bit of perspective... and a good laugh... 
  • You consider refrigerating your child’s bath water so she doesn’t complain about the tap water being too hot.
  • I’ve heard of wipe warmers… anyone know where I co...uld get a wipe cooler?
  • You start to wonder if major psychological changes happen when your external environment is consistently higher than normal body temperature.
  • Your high-tech camera shuts down and gives you the following error message: “Too Hot.”
  • Bedtime: Instead of snuggling with your sweetheart, you opt for a block of blue ice wrapped in a pillowcase.
  • Your rubber bands in the desk drawer melt into a big blob. Bummer! One more non-food item that has to be refrigerated…
  • Your air conditioner keeps turning off because it’s overheating.
  • Not only do you let you child sleep with a sippy cup, but, “Here! Have two, or three, and don’t forget to check to make sure they’re all empty before you call me for a refill!”
  • Your temperature-sensitive infant spoons tell you your silverware drawer is too hot for your baby’s mouth.
  • You try to think of places to go in the car to have an excuse to sit right in front of an air conditioning vent.
  • Everyone asks if your children have a skin disease – you want to just put a sign on each child that says something like “Diagnosis: Heat rash; Cure: Cooler temperatures in a couple of months.”
  • Your elastic waistbands start to feel considerably loser, not because you’re losing weight but because the elastic is melting.
  • You get creative in starting to freeze items such as pillows, blankies, and snuggle bears before bedtime. You know you’re in trouble, as you’re distributing frozen snuggle bears, when your two-year-old asks you to, “Make my diaper cold!”
(Photo credit - Once again, I don't know... short term folks who travel through or serve for shorter time generously share their photos with us...  We've been going through old disks and the one containing these photos was only labeled "Assorted pictures, Niger - people.")


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog & your comments. Great to be "here" and reading your blog!

    You guys have a beautiful family and your ministry is totally impressive....so glad to have read about the work God has you doing!

    Your friends comments about the oppressive heat cracks me up.....glad you shared this!

    r.m. @ newviewfromhere.wordpress.com

  2. i cannot even imagine! may you receive a little cooling wind tonight!

    1. we certainly enjoy those when they breeze through... and are thankful for seasons when they stay!

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