30 April 2012

Multitude Monday - 1000 Gifts ~ "Learn till the soil gets in your ears"

We watched a movie the other night...

... about a really cool old guy from Kenya, named Kimani Maruge.

An 84 year old farmer living in a mud shack in poor village, former Mau Mau fighter, ex prisoner of war, lame widower... What he wanted most of all, though, was to be a student; he wanted to learn how to read. So he persuades a teacher at the local primary school to allow him join her class as a student.

One of the things that the movies only barely, whisperingly touches is that his longing to read is a craving to dive into God's Word for himself, no longer dependent on sermons or others to read for him.

Kimani Maruge died in 2009; 89 years old and in 6th grade. He certainly lived what he preached (at least according to the movie): "Learn till the soil gets in your ears."

I pray every day for a heart that is thankful that I still have opportunity to learn, that longs to study and grow, and one that remains gentle and teachable, even when the lessons I need to learn are long, hard and painful ones.

this week's gratitude list

(#s 2141 - 2167)

long, hard, painful lessons

the joy and challenge of teaching Algebra

watching kiddos figure out that fractions are friendlier than that first thought

electric and internet at the same time

pile of papers completely graded and recorded

chili dogs and movie night at the school

seeing a dear friend smile

first day of swim lessons

another accident, seeing God's hand of protection

giggles with big girls

Tuesday off

nems and rice delivered for dinner

Henri's sermons - he delivers some one-line zingers

the report that family is helping my recently widowed aunt

three hippos down by the bridge

pouring rain on one side of the river, nothing but a few scattered drops on the other... how does God cause that to happen

Saturday morning breakfast and shopping

m&m floating away and blowing bubbles in her tube

realizing that Bren taught the Jon-man to swim, Rebekah coached Elsie Mae and now Nadia's making fabulous progress working with the littlest tike

littlest tike's sparkly blue eyes and matching sparkly personality

continued progress at literacy class... the goal is in sight

my girls discovering The Little Princess

anticipating a birthday party this weekend

looking forward to Bible study coming up this weekend... and an actual day off to prepare!

halfway through our hottest time of the year... counting down the weeks until the rains should (hopefully) arrive

sleeping in

negative-for-infection lab results 


  1. I love it - "Learn till the soil gets in your ears." Prayers from the states for cooler weather and rain for you. Thanks for sharing

  2. thanks for stopping by and for your prayers. blessings!


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