17 April 2012

sweet little sickie sprites

After a couple of sleepless nights last week - Mary Michelle was sick with malaria, then a UTI, and now a cold... that sounds like it might be heading the same croupy direction as Elsie Mae's cold... who was up crouping most of last night... We've had a bad time with croup this year - 6th episode since Christmas... sigh...

We sure would appreciate prayer that our little sprites can rest well, that their little bodies heal soon and that their mama has an extra measure of patient endurance!



  1. Hope your little ones are feeling better soon. It's so hard for moms and them when they are sick.

    1. thanks, ann. i don't mind the hard... it is the scary in the middle of the night that causes me to struggle.

  2. Praying they sleep well tonight as does their mama!


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