06 April 2012

Five Minute Friday - Light

These people are the friends of our friends and colleagues. We've met some of them... Some of these men have been to the studio to record... A few have even been to our home...Tim spent time with them when he was up in Timbuktu for a recording project. This doesn't feel like all of this is happening in some far-off, distant-all-the-way-to-the-ends-of-the-earth-place. It feels like it's happening right next door...

Watching our kids play, a friend and I were talking this week about current events in our part of the world, and I don't exactly remember the context, but this verse (or a similar one) came up: 
"It behoveth me
to be working
the works of Him who sent me
while it is day;
night doth come,
when no one is able to work"

It is Easter weekend... Good Friday...

I wonder if they wonder why all of this, this, this or this is happening?

I do.

I wonder where all of this is going to lead.

Has the night come, is it descending on this part of the world?

And I wonder at my self-centered muttering over an inability to sleep (the lights - and fans - were out at our house, but on all around) instead of thanking God for the reminder... and the gift of sleepless, quiet time to fall on my face and pray.

"While ye have light, believe in the light,
that ye may be the children of light.
These things spake Jesus, and departed,
and did hide himself from them."
John 12.36

I cannot begin to speculate. Is this "the night" coming? Is Jesus "hiding Himself" for a time?

I'm thankful that my All-Knowing Father knows, that He is good all the time, that in Him is Light and no shadow of turning... and that I don't have to know all the ins and outs of this story because I try to trust completely the One writing it. 

I'm thankful I do know Resurrection Sunday is imminent.

I'm sure our Malian brothers and sisters are thankful for that truth, too.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in reading up on these current events, most of the links (except in the first pararaph) are different, individual links. They do not represent our exact views of/on the situation in all cases (not that we'd claim to be experts... or even particuarly knowledgeable), however they are a place to start if the Lord should lead you to pray.

If you believe the Lord is asking you to give or to help tangibly in some way, contact me directly.


  1. Praying for you, as you serve. That last image is beautiful. Wishing your family a blessed Easter, may we live resurrected every day!

    1. thank you, kris. my then ten year old daughter snapped that one. i always find it revealing to see the pictures my kids take - seeing the world through their eyes!

      blessings and happy Easter!

  2. Thanks for gathering these articles in one place. I`ll read up as I get time. Hard.

    1. it really is amazing... just got an email that one last busload is trying to get out of gao... and after that, a very long trip through rebel controlled territory.

  3. Ever since I first starting walking with the Lord I have had a special spot in my heart for Africa. I've never set foot on African soil but the stories that come from there resonate in me and I believe God has placed that love in me for a purpose. We long to someday move there and help spread the gospel in whatever way we can, but God has not opened those doors for us at this time. Yet, I know this love for Africa is not in vain even if we never move. I can be here petitioning the Lord with prayers for those countries to see God's glory. Thanks for the links and for this post. It's such a huge relief that even if we can't understand what is happening, God does. Thanks for sharing. We don't have tv and I hadn't read anything about what's going on until now.


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