19 April 2012

Turning 3 ~ Photos from M&M's birthday party, finally! (Yes, I know these are nearly 5 months late...)

almost literally, diving into her gift bag

wondering what she will find

squeals of delight (and can you believe Elsie Mae's hair is that long?)

Aren't you just dying to know what that expression means?

B. U. B. B. L. E. S!!!!!

the gift EVERY three year old loves

M&M's favorite friend - she goes and plays at Richelle's house every Wednesday morning.
(Yes... that really is her name!)

with Richelle and Richelle's little sister

my absolute favorite pic of the night
Isn't it amazing how something so simple, so every day, can bring so much pure pleasure?

If I were to title this last photo, I think I'd call it ~

Simply Delightfully Satisfying

How about you? What would you title this photo?

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