29 January 2011

Hooo Dun It?

Oh no! A body! Some poor... and beautiful... young woman has had the life cruelly snuffed out of her!
Who could have done the dastardly deed?

Was it the butler? He looks like a shady character...

Or what about Mr. Green - have you ever seen a "man" with such evil eyes?
And then there is Mrs. Peacock - is she pulling the wool over everyone's eyes with her sweet, innocent appearance?

Last week, Anna and Nadia were invited to our friends (we were actually in language at the same time, so our girls are quite literally growing up together - well, except when we are on home assignment years) for a birthday party - and they played "Clue" - the LIFESIZE version! What a blast! Our girlies are STILL talking about it.

Believe it or not, it was Mrs. Peacock!
(at least in one of the episodes...)
She CLAIMS it was a genuine accident.
Do YOU believe her?

Why don't I ever come up with amazing birthday party ideas like that?!!!


  1. we played campus-wide clue at Northland the year that Michael was the student body activities director. It was SO much fun!

  2. that sounds like such a fun party -- I'm the world's worst party planner...I'll have to keep that one in the back of my mind...I like it.~mom~ster


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