15 January 2011

Early one morning last week...

Elsie Mae wakes up way too early the other morning, stumbles into our bedroom and asks if she can snuggle because she's "fweakin out."  That is her new expression  and we aren't sure what exactly it means... except that it has absolutely nothing to do with a scary dream or being afraid. Any ideas?

Tim picks her up and rolls her into bed between us as she giggles triumphantly and then burrows deep under the covers. She really does feel like a little ice cube. After a few cuddly minutes, she whispers that she wants to pray for Grandpa Gene because he's so sad and missing Grandma Betty. We do, her sweet trusting voice asking Jesus to give Grandpa Gene a hug from Grandma followed by a yawning, "Amen" followed by several minutes of still silence...

Just when I think she has finally dropped back off to sleep and try to shift to a more comfortable position, her very unsleepy sounding voice pipes up, surprising in the quiet darkness: "Mama, when I trust Jesus and He takes me to heaven, the fwist thing I wanna do is play ring-around-the-rosey with Jesus and Grandma Betty!" It was a delightful start my day...

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